Book, Activate Your Life


Having found her reason to breathe at the orphanage in Vietnam, Sarah’s recovery from Burnout and Depression would take her on an amazing journey but a coaching exercise that her coach gave to her transformed her life. Sarah now shares that exercise in the bestselling book “Activate Your Life”.

Along with, Activate Your Life is a collaboration of transformational exercises from 50 top coaches from around the Globe, all of which are tried and tested and have the power to change your life. It’s like having a team of coaches come to you wherever you are!

You will find exercises grouped into five different themes: Mind, Body, Happiness, Goals, and Success.

If you are feeling stuck or confused, these exercises will help get you going with renewed clarity and purpose.

If you are feeling motivated and excited, these exercises will add fuel to your fire and cultivate your skills.

Dive in and start with the exercise that most intrigues you, and then keep the book handy like a personal coach whenever you need it.

We hope you enjoy reading and using Activate Your Life as much as we enjoyed creating it for you